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In 1976 Gene was elected Sheriff of Shelby County in Memphis, Tn. ,where he served for a 10 year period. Under his leadership, guidance, and direction numerous innovations were instituted to bring the sheriff's dept. on-line from approximately 350 employees to well over 1,000 personnel. Prior to his election of sheriff, he served with the Memphis Police Department for 24 years and attained the rank of inspector. He commanded the personal crimes bureau, and served as chief of the vice and narcotics bureau for 3 years. During this period of time major programs were instituted to seek out and arrest major drug suppliers, dealers, and pushers. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. Gene served on the executive board of the FBI National Academy for seven years and was elected president of the academy in 1985, which was the year of the Academy's 50th anniversary.



This is me as a Captain with the Memphis Police Department accepting a C-45 Twin Beach Plane from Colonel Summers, Director of Civil Defense of Memphis, Tennessee.  This airplane was to be used by the City of Memphis and the police department. I was the pilot and my job was to return prisoners who were wanted in Memphis for various crimes committed in Memphis and were apprehended in other locations throughout the United States. It was a surplus military aircraft that was converted for civilian use.






                           This is a photo of me shortly after I was elected Sheriff of Shelby County in 1976.




















Not many people know that I was the Director of Memphis International Airport for 2 years. Below is an article from the Commercial Appeal ( January 1967 ) about my involvement with the expansion of the airport.









                               Danny Thomas was a famous TV personality and founder of St. Jude Hospital.

                               I knew Danny personally and this is a plaque he gave me in recognition

                                for  my years of work with St. Jude Hospital in Memphis, Tn.











These two characters are typical of the many characteratures that the local newspapers

published of me during my tenure as Sheriff of Shelby County in Memphis, Tennessee





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